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Monday, October 24, 2005

Various Vendor News

Here are some various news items relating to the parts industry I thought you like to hear about:

  • I have confirmed that S&S motors will no longer be available without ignitions, except for their Twin Cam version (due to their court battle with Harley???) All EVO-style motors will come with their IST ignition, while shovelheads will come with another ignition. Forgot to ask about sportsters. Sorry XL and Buell guys.
  • S&S released their new catalog and price list. This is in no way a scientific sampling, but of the prices I've looked up, prices have jumped 10%-15%.
  • Custom Chrome usually releases their new catalog in the fall. However, they are not releasing the 2006 catalog until after the Cinncinati bike show in February. They have updated their prices, however, with most items increasing in price, but not drastically (again, this is just my observation). They did introduce a small supplement to their catalog.


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